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Why Donate?

The West Chester Borough Democratic Committee’s mission is to nurture and enhance the Democratic community by recruiting, supporting, and promoting Democratic candidates seeking office.

The Committee informs voters of the issues, educates voters about their candidates, and gets voters out to vote on Election Day.

Donations advance this important work by assisting those who volunteer their time to do it. Here's some of what they do:

Recruit, support, and promote candidates for local offices

Register voters

Distribute campaign literature to voter’s homes

Canvass voters door-to-door

Install promotional yard signs

Print and distribute sample ballots to voters

Distribute absentee ballots to voters who can't vote at home or are unable to vote at their local polling place

Assist voters at the polls

To do all that, the volunteers need:

Paper, ink, envelopes, postage
Poster board, stickers, badges
Banners, yard signs
Printing, copying, office equipment
Software, data, website server storage, fees
Office rent, good walking shoes

That all costs money, so please give a bit here and there as often as you can. We also accept a lot all at once!

Thank You!!

Neat Desk


Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

Or maybe you have some other skills, services or materials to offer to our organization?  Send us a quick message to let us know!  Thank you!

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