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About Us

West Chester Democratic Committee
Zone 9, Borough of West Chester, PA

The West Chester Democratic Committee (WCDems) meets monthly (but usually not July and December) on the fourth Monday at 7 PM in CCDC Headquarters, 37 South High Street, Borough of West Chester. Unless you receive an email announcement of an upcoming meeting, check the Chester County Democratic Committee Calendar to confirm.

The WCDems elect Committeepersons in each Precinct (Ward) at the gubernatorial primary every four years, thus next in June 2022. Vacancies between elections are appointed.


Jordan Norley

Chair and Zone Leader

Alex Christy

Vice Chair and Assistant Zone Leader

Gillian Fitzpatrick Alicea


Daniel Hollander




  • Attend WCDem's committee meetings ten times a year

  • Keep their constituents informed about upcoming elections and other political events

  • Greet voters at the polls twice a year

  • Participate in the CCDC Nominating Convention every February

  • Participate in the Party reorganization meeting every June.


Precinct 810 • Ward 1


Kristin Gerling

Karen Cavin


Precinct 820 • Ward 2E


Christopher Greene

Cassandra Jones


Precinct 825 • Ward 2W

Bryan Travis

Susanna DeWese

Precinct 835 • Ward 3

Brian J. McGinnis

Ed Brownley

Precinct 842 • Ward 4

Nicole Scimone


Matthew Ward

Precinct 846 • Ward 5

Jack  Guida

Sandra Brinker

Precinct 850 • Ward 6

Janet Colliton


Alex Christy



Precinct 860 • Ward 7

Stephanie Phillips Markstein

Kyle Hudson

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