Mail In Voting (without reason) or In Person

We highly encourage all to vote by mail due to the current pandemic.

MAIL-IN VOTING: You Can Now Vote by Mail WITHOUT GIVING ANY REASON. Mail-in and absentee ballot applications for the May 18th, 2021, primary election must postmarked or received by your county election office by the end of the day on election day.  The General Election will occur on Tuesday November 2nd, 2021.

You can apply for a mail-in ballot at the State site. That page can be translated into many languages. You can also pick up a blank form in person (bring identification) at Voter Services, 601 Westtown Rd, Suite 150, West Chester, PA 19380. Get more background info here.

Voter Services must receive your application for a mail-in ballot one week in advance: by 5:00 p.m. on the Tuesday before the election. Postmarks do not count.

In section 3 of the form, your municipality is the political entity where you live (e.g., West Chester).  Please see below for Ward & Precinct Numbers and other pertinent information.

In section 4, under “Where To Mail Ballot,” put an address where you can receive your ballot by mail (in case you have travel planned). If you have questions about timing, or have already applied but need to change that address, call Voter Services 610-344-6410 and choose the option to speak with someone.


When you receive and are filling out the actual ballot, be sure to follow instructions precisely.

Don’t forget to fill out the BACK of the outer envelope.

You can return your voted mail-in ballot by mailing it in the envelope provided with your ballot; or, you can drop it off in person at the Voter Service office (if you choose this option, you must go yourself and take valid identification).

After you have sent in your application, you can check its status here.

If you didn’t return your ballot by the deadline or aren’t sure whether the County received your ballot in time, you may go to your polling place on election day and vote provisionally. However, if the County received your mail-in ballot on time, that will count and the provisional vote will not.

So if you are having trouble making up your mind whom to vote for, bear in mind: a timely mail-in ballot CANNOT BE CHANGED! Get all the info you need to be SURE about your votes!

Alternatively you can vote in Person at your voting location, based on what Ward / Precinct you live in: 

To find out where to vote, click here: This will show your current polling location. Polling locations are open 7am to 8pm on election day. Below also shows current polling places if you know/can tell what Ward / Precinct you live in.
Click on the Borough Ward Map or here to see in full size.  

West Chester Boro Wards

Polling Places per Ward / Precinct

[Precinct Number, Ward Number, Polling Place & Address]
Precinct 810: Ward 1: West Chester Borough Hall: 401 East Gay Street

Precinct 820:  Ward 2E: Charles A. Melton Arts & Education Center, 501 E. Miner Street
Precinct 825: Ward 2W: West Chester Borough Hall: 401 East Gay Street
Precinct 835: Ward 3: Iron Works Church, 312 W. Union St. (SW corner at S. New St.)
Precinct 842: Ward 4: Borough Public Works Building, 205 Lacey Street
Precinct 846: Ward 5: Student Recreation Center, Studio A, 275 N. Campus Dr.
Precinct 850: Ward 6: First Presbyterian Church, 130 W. Miner Street
Precinct 860: Ward 7: West Chester Public Library, 415 N. Church Street